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Where to buy space-saving furniture, sofa beds or pull-down beds in Cannes ?

My Unikhome: your new space-saving furniture and sofa bed specialist in Cannes

The very spirited and enthusiastic AGNÈS BELLULO and her lifelong friend STAN BECKER have launched their new concept store « My Unik home » in the heart of Cannes: a place that is dedicated to space-saving furniture.

For more than 30 years, AGNÈS has been dedicating her enthusiasm, her energy, her creativity, and her insight to creating and developing innovative brands and concepts in the wellbeing and the luxury industries (her cosmetics brand won a « Victoire de la Beauté » award in 2014). For a new project in Cannes, she imagined an outstanding concept: My Unikhome.

  • Are you bored with your décor design? Do you feel like something new? Something beautiful? Practical? Ultra-trendy?
  • Then continue reading below to find out how to put away your old furniture, impress your friends, gain space, and bring back comfort with Myunikhome!

My Unikhome: your space-saving furniture specialist

Rapido© sofa beds, pull-down beds, and custom designed furniture are the store's speciality. In one single place, individuals and companies now have the occasion to discover new tricks that make space-saving easier at home or at their office, and will also find quite a few, well-matched décor design ideas.

CANNES, the ultimate town for conventions, secondary residences, and holiday-makers from the whole world, was duty-bound to offer these canny pieces of furniture. As a designer and trend scout, keen to offer real solutions, Agnès wanted to achieve practical, but beautiful, results: she did it!

My Unikhome: your new Rapido© sofa beds concept store in Cannes

My Unikhome is the new place in Cannes to discover the latest trends in the Rapido© sofa bed collections. Settled in the town centre, 6 rue Lecerf: there you will find the élégance and fineness of the Italian design, as well as the classics that brought sofa beds to success.

Are you looking for a 'design' sofa bed, or for a corner sofa? Leather or fabric? My Unikhome offers high quality, remarkably comfortable sofas, with high resilience foams, that garantee durable and stable seats as well as comfortable beds, with different mattress qualities that will match your wellbeing requirements.

With My Unikhome, your can sleep soundly: you are choosing quality!

Selected by Agnès Bellulo, the sofa beds available at My Unikhome are both handy and pleasant. Whether as guest beds or as day-to-day beds, My Unikhome's Rapido©sofa beds and pull-down beds are strictly tested and approved for their stability over time and their great comfort. From a single seat to a large corner sofa or a 'design' sofa bed, all of our products passed our meticulous choosing.

The sofa beds and pull-down beds available at My Unikhome will get you an instant and important space gain that will allow you to re-invent and optimise your interior design.

Thanks to our Rapido© sofa beds, you can have a true, comfortable, and elegant sofa where you would also need to have a bed (bedroom, studio flat, student room, ...)

With our pull-down beds, you can have a real, ergonomic, and durable bedding where you need to keep it discreet (living room, office, ...) The latest technical innovations make these sofa beds extremely easy and fast to open and close.

Our selection criteria for our sofa beds :

  • Seat comfort
  • Bedding comfort
  • Robustness of the design
  • Room-saving capabilities
  • High quality leather or fabric
  • Quality of the finish
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Removable slipcovers
  • Ease of use

My Unikhome: « full options » sofa beds and pull-down beds

Ready-to-buy or custom made sofa bed / pull-down bed?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seats... and more! Thanks to the different designs and settings in our showroom in Cannes, your will find quite a few ideas, and get inspiration for your home layout and decor. Our customisation services allow you to choose very precisely the dimensions, patterns, textures, colours, and finish of your next new piece of furniture, whether it is a sofa bed or a pull-down bed.

  • Custom made: you can choose the bedding size from 0.70m up to the 1.80m « king size » format.
  • Personalised: you can choose among more than 300 colours and fabrics.

Come visit our showroom

The My Unikhome showroom is settled in the town centre of Cannes

6 rue Lecerf, on the corner of the rue Jean Daumas

  • 450m from the Cannes train station
  • 200m from 3 underground car parks
  • 50m from the rue d'Antibes
  • 200m from the FNAC and the Darty stores

My Unikhome delivers your new furniture and sizeable items

  • by appointment
  • proceeds to the unboxing
  • place them accordingly to your needs
  • put them into service if needs be

Décor design

Unique decor and interior design ideas for your home

Custom made furniture, original decorating objects, scents, candles... with exclusive brands : you are « UNIK », so is your interior!

To garantee a « Unik » mood for your home, My Unikhome got togeteher with the latest, trendiest brands in the decorating and the furniture design universes, so that you can create your very own décor.

Along with our sofa collections, your will find all the furniture (storage units, extra tables, pull-down coffee tables, ...) and decor items (vases, carpets, candles, scents, ...) that will help you to give your home a new, unique personnality.

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